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The Taboos Continue…

So things have been “crunk” the past couple of days in the blogosphere…it all started when my friend June posted this response to this blog post by a woman who boldly proclaimed that she’s saved, single and having sex. Now there’s a twist on the whole Saved, Single and Satisfied mantra! The post has caused quite a stir on both of their sites. I personally agree with many of her arguments, but I disagree with her conclusion. Some of the commentary has been a little disheartening to me to see Christians so vehemently discount the faith journey of another so quickly. Sometimes I think we fail to accept the fact that we’re really just sinners saved by a little thing called GRACE.

On a personal level, though, a positive from the situation is that sales for my film “Defining Moments” have increased (http://web.me.com/aspeaks/Site/DM.html :-). I made “Defining Moments” 4 years ago during a time when I was struggling through some of the same issues that the author of the blog addresses. My hope for that film has always been that it would spark discussion. And even though in this case it didn’t spark discussion, the blog did, I’m hoping that maybe it can help continue a conversation among women about how our faith and our sexuality intersect.

I’m hoping the same thing for “Something Worth Waiting For.” For some reason, sexuality is one thing that we refuse to talk about in the church. Maybe the blog will help open up that can  of worms…


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