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It’s been an emotional couple of weeks. I’m starting to miss my ex. I mean, I know I did the right thing by breaking up with him, but then that loneliness settles in and you start to wonder if you made a mistake even when you know deep down inside that you didn’t. Does anybody feel me on this? Prior to dating my ex-boyfriend I was one of those people that celebrated my singleness. At that time I felt like I could go either way on the marriage thing because I had a full life and I was enjoying it very much. Then I got into a relationship. And realized that it was nice to have someone. And now I’m realizing that after having someone, the process of getting back into the mindset of being a happy single is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’m finding myself more vulnerable to insensitive words from married folks, more vulnerable around office baby chatter, overall more sensitive to the fact that I am single in my 30s, a place that growing up I NEVER imagined I would still be.


Today, I’m going to get myself out of this funk by reposting a blog I wrote 3 years ago on MySpace (before I got all high tech with the blogging and social networking and all)…It’s encouraging to know that in the midst of the frustrations of singleness, there is some good. Sometimes I think we all need a reminder that in the grand scheme of things, being single is not the worst thing in the world……Enjoy!

Ahhh…The Single Life (Written 10/28/06)

Ok so I’ve been a little bummed lately about the whole singleness thing. I just keep wondering what kind of guy will actually get my weirdness? šŸ™‚ A co-worker was telling me about an article that said there are 30 million single people in the U.S. On the one hand that’s depressing. On the other hand, it provides a ray of hope that there’s got to be somebody out there somewhere for me.

But in the meantime I figured I’d count my blessings and give my reasons why I can be thankful for singleness during this season of my life. So here it goes…

Top 15 Great Things About Being Single…

  1. On a beautiful day like today (Saturday) I can do whatever I want, even if it means doing absolutly nothing.
  2. My money is my money. I can do whatever I want with it–even if it’s pamper myself with a day at the spa–without having to think about how it’s going to affect someone else.
  3. I could move to California tomorrow if I wanted to, without having to “discuss” it with anyone.
  4. I can channel surf without having to be considerate of what someone else might want to watch.
  5. In my house, I’m the boss and what I say goes–’nuff said.
  6. When I make dinner I can usually eat off the leftovers for an entire week.
  7. There’s more Mayfield Birthday Cake ice cream for me!!
  8. My free time is for me. I don’t have to share myself with anyone else.
  9. I don’t have to deal with with someone else’s drama unless I choose to (‘cuz you know we all got drama).
  10. I get to enjoy moments of solitude more often.
  11. I’m free to live out loud and follow my dreams without any hindrances!
  12. When I take my twists out, I don’t have to worry about how wild and crazy my hair looks because I’m the only one that has to look at me.
  13. Whenever I get the urge to just sit on the edge of my bed and stare blankly into space, I don’t have to worry about someone interrupting my trance by asking me questions like “What’s wrong with you? Are you ok?”
  14. There’s no one to interrupt me while I’m blogging. šŸ™‚
  15. I can sing and dance throughout the house like nobody’s watching because nobody is!
So here’s a toast to all you single people out there! Let’s celebrate what’s good about our lives for a change. What about you? What would you add to this list??

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